I am writing this page for you to make a mod request

For us to work perfectly, you guys please make as detailed as possible. I mean MAKE IT CLEAR!

To request a mod for your Android phone, please tell us:

What game?

 (Leave a download link for it - Mostly playstore link or apkpure)

Is it online or offline? 

(We can mod only offline games and few online games. Please do not request online game or your request will not be replied)

What feature(s) do you want us to mod?

 (For eg: money, coins, gold, unlock stuff, etc.)

Did you have a modded version for this game?

 (Leave a link for an old modded version of the game if you got one)

Wait until we reply your request so that you will know if we can mod or not! 
(Please do not spam the page)

Above are things that we want you to do when posting a request.

Please DO NOT SPAM THIS PAGE by writing unnecessary comments!


  1. Game Name: Love Live! SIF JP 6.9.3 ラブライブ!スクールアイドルフェスティバル(スクフェス) - 大人気リズムゲーム

    Google Play Store Link:

    APK Link:

    Cheat Requested:
    Mod1: Auto Play (Full Combo with Perfect)
    Mod2: Auto Play (Full Combo with Great/Perfect)

    Online game.

    Previous Mod version link:

  2. Game:
    Mobile Legends: Adventure


    Mod required:
    In-battle Attack/Defense

    The game is mostly OFFLINE. All the battles are all client-sided and the data is saved online AFTER every battle.