Thursday, July 9, 2020

Empire Warriors TD Premium - VER. 2.3.2 Unlimited (Money - Diamond) MOD APK

Empire Warriors TD Premium - VER. 2.3.2 Unlimited (Money - Diamond) MOD APK

Empire Warriors TD Premium Unlimited (Money - Diamond) MOD APK

Empire Warriors TD Premium - VER. 2.3.2


Empire Warriors TD Premium is one of the successful games that entered the days when we went to the Android platform, where Zitga Studios is producing its production that I think you should absolutely try if you like strategy, war and tower defense games. Your goal is to protect your territory against the enemies in your part with your heroes and battle towers that you control and complete tasks. Because of the financial difficulties and general difficulties experienced in Empire Warriors TD Premium, MOD APK, that is unlimited money fraud, unlimited diamond fraud, hero's lock is open fraud, you can take this game to the last minute, you can open the hero's lock and improve it easily. Long-term gameplay, endless enemy raids, dozens of episodes, and more. The graphics are 2D and the sound quality is good. Controls can be provided with a double finger. Empire Warriors TD Premium Play Store $ 1.99.

What's in mod 1

2-Raising the hero costs zero gems
3-For killing a lot of coins
4-During the battle, the reward of the gems is 50m (if this can reduce too much)
5-Runes are zero keys (we spend 10 keys and runes at you are free)
6-Sell the runes we get Crystals
7-Amplifiers stand zero gems (Pover-AP)
8-Murder from a stroke (Hero or Tower without a difference)
9-VIP-7 included
10- Mine upgrades bring you a lot of crystals
11- Unlimited Old coins
12- Paid Heroes Unlocked
13- In the Store, prices are reduced to one

*MOD 2 Features*

- [ Enable While Game Is Loading Before The Tap To Play Icon Shows ] -

- [ Account Menu ] -
- Unlimited Gems
- Unlimited Cystals
- Unlimited Ancient Coins
- Unlimited Rune Keys
- Max VIP - [ Requires Restarting Again As You Get Given VIP 1 When You First Load ]
- [ Misc Menu ] -

- Enable All Above

Mod 3 features:

After starting the game, click on the round button in the upper left to open the menu mod, which has the following options:
Enemies are killed with 1 shot (turn on before the battle)

Enemies give a lot of diamonds and coins


1. Uninstall all previous versions.
2. Download Mod Apk.
3. Install Mod apk.
4. Enjoy 





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