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Postknight - VER. 2.2.26 Infinite (Coins - Gems) MOD APK

Postknight - VER. 2.2.26 Infinite (Coins - Gems) MOD APK

Postknight - VER. 1.0.13 Infinite (Coins - Gems) MOD APK

Postknight - VER. 2.2.26



God Mode


God mode
High Damage


A Lot Money

*Important Information*

Install Original Apk I've Provided And Reach Level 6. Then Install The Desired Mod You Want Over It Else You'll Freeze On Round 5 I Believe.

Note: Also you can't remove high damage once v2 has been installed, you can remove godmode by reinstalling original apk over it

Postknight is one of the popular games on the Android platform, produced by Kurechii company, which I think you should absolutely try if you like adventure games like mini RPG. Your objective is to destroy the enemies that are in opposition to the mystical world you are characterizing and to try to complete the missions. Because of the financial difficulties and general difficulties in PostKnight, we offer MOD APK as unlimited gold fraud, unlimited gold fraud, you can buy your desired goods and improve your character. Dangerous enemies, long-running gameplay, dozens of things you can use, armor, weapons and more. Postknight version has error handling. The graphics are 2D and the sound quality is good. Controls can be provided with a single finger. Postknight has been downloaded more than 165,000 in the Play Store.

Mod Content


Level up the character, also obtaining skill points;
Get a bonus skill point to invest;
Add one skill point to all the stats.


Select any armor and wear/obtain it (allows to wear unavailable event armors!)
Get all rings at once, can't be reverted.


Add 100 gems at a time;
Add some tokens of the current Division level;
Add some components from the current area;
Add some herbs from the current area;
Add some food and gifts from the current area;
Unlock all potions, can't be reverted.


Reset Gift timer with all NPCs;
Obtain instantly a heart with all the unlocked girls;
Get all legendary gifts.


ACTIVE: shows a special quick-actions bar on the bottom of the screen.
White: switch to endless mode and auto-AI, if it's a route and not a regular mission;
Blue: movement speed x2;
Red: end all skill cooldowns;
Green: fully heal the player.
IMMORTAL: health can't go below 1, but you still take damage.
GODLIKE: you can't take any damage or be knocked back by melee attacks.
ATK+: instant kill any enemy.
DEF+: all damaged is reduced to 1.
DODGE+: avoid all attacks.
CHARGE: charge skill lasts much longer.
SHIELD: shield skill lasts much longer.
LOOT+: max the dropped loot and get x5 coins.
SPEED x10: character moves 10 times faster.

Reset character skill points, to return to a normal quantity after cheating;
Reset inventory quantities, to clean up eccessive cheating with items;
Visit us, to come back and share love with us!


When can I use the cheat menu?

You need to end Flore Lane 5, then you can use the menu while in the village or when in pause.​

Can I use the cheat menu during battles?

You can pause the battle and then use the menu, there's anyway the active quick-bar for battles.​
How do I activate quick actions?

Go in Toggles and select "Active", once outside the menu, you'll see them at the bottom of the screen.​

How can I activate the "Endless Mode"?

During stages, you can toggle it to fight with no limits, looping through the level. To exit simple use the return button in options and you'll get all the rewards as if it was a victory. I decided to activate auto-AI in this mode, so the character will fight on its own; I also decided to limit this to stages and not to missions to avoid bugs.​

Does the toggle "Speed x10" stack with the "Speed Up"?

Yes, you can move at x12 speed, note that attack rate will remain unchanged.​

Why can't I get more item when using Loot+?

You can get a maximum number of item per enemy based on its loot table. Having the treasure ring already pulls much out of that, so Loot+ effect may not always be visible in this circumstance.​

How can I get a specific item?

Go in the area where the item can drop and use the Inventory cheat: I divided items by area to avoid cluttering and game breaking.​

How can I get Division Tokens?

Once ended "Puff Pasture 5", you'll be able to join a Division; from that moment, using the Token cheat will give also some division tokens.​

Is it safe to use Division Tokens to rank up in the Leaderboard?

As far as I've tested, the developers aren't banning any player, but remember that you are sending your played time along with mission number when submitting a token to the division. Also, the rewards of Division Events are gold and crystal tokens only.​

How can I get Memories with the girls?

Bring them to 5/5 hearts, then use the appropriate legendary gift.​

The game says my device has low RAM, can I still play it?

I safely tested it on a low end device and I had no issues, below 1Gb of RAM there may be some lags though.​

Can you teach me how to make a Cheat Menu like this one?

It's not something I can teach through private messages; as you can see it's a long process and creating this menu is the result of hard work, beyond what I can explain shortly.​


1. Remove playstore version
2. Install mod APK
3. Enjoy
The game can be played offline.






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