Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Guild of Heroes - fantasy RPG - VER. 1.88.8 Infinite (Gold - Diamonds) MOD APK

Guild of Heroes - fantasy RPG - VER. 1.88.8 Infinite (Gold - Diamonds) MOD APK

Guild of Heroes - fantasy RPG (God Mode) MOD APK

Guild of Heroes - fantasy RPG - VER. 1.88.8


Guild of Heroes Fantasy RPG is one of the popular games on the Android platform, produced by Play Today, which I need to add the current version for my favorite game of strategy, RPG and war games. Your aim is to fight against your enemies and complete missions for the mystical world you are in with the warrior you control. Guild of Heroes Fantasy Because of the general difficulties experienced in RPG, MOD APK is a series of skills, namely, using special talent, fraudulent, automatic game open, unlimited life potion, free bag expansion, free recreation tricky. you can be ahead of time. You can use different equipment, dangerous enemies, long-term gameplay, and more. Guild of Heroes In Fantasy RPG new territories, creatures have been added and error handling has been done. The graphics are 3D and the sound quality is good. Controls can be provided with a double finger. Guild of Heroes has been downloaded more than 130,000 in Fantasy RPG Play Store.

MOD 1:

1. When you pay for something with diamonds your purchase will always be succesful.
2. Improvements for diamonds are free.
3. Everything bought for diamonds is free.
4. No Skill CD

Mod 2 features:

You can shop for diamonds even if you don’t have enough
No skill delay
You use the mod at your own peril and risk - you may be blocked for its use!

Mod 3 features:

1. God Mode
2. No ADS

You use the mod at your own peril and risk - you may be blocked for its use!


1. Install the original version of the game for the architecture of the ARMv7 processor from this package:
Attached File

2. Copy the library (with overwriting) to the directory where other game libraries are located.
After copying, you must set the file permissions. Their number is 755.
Library paths (where to look for them):
- if you have Android 4.4 version -> /data/app-lib/com.goplaytoday.guildofheroes-*;
- if you have Android 5 version or higher -> /data/app/com.goplaytoday.guildofheroes-*/lib/arm;
* - number 1, 2, etc.
3. Run the game. We are waiting for the complete download of data from the server;
4. If necessary, modify the mod.cfg configuration file, which is attached in the archive here:
Attached file (379 bytes)

5. Copy the changes configuration file to the directory -> /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.goplaytoday.guildofheroes/files/
The configuration file for changes is created in the above directory automatically when you restart the game.
6. Information on changing options of the mod.cfg configuration file:


6.1. Open the configuration file with a text editor and set the activation keys I1..I4 c + to - and save.
6.2. If you set +, then the change option becomes active, and if -, then no.
6.3. You can collect any options for change options, for example, key I1 +, and I4 in -. Your hands are free in creative freedom.
6.4. If you do not set the keys for the change, the modification will be active in immortality, unlimited damage, grabbing, etc.
6.5. If you delete the mod.cfg file, then the version of the "game" with a full modification will be launched.
6.6. All change keys are initially set to active.
6.7. After configuration, you need to copy the mod.cfg file to the folder: /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.goplaytoday.guildofheroes/files/

6.8. The configuration file is automatically created in the directory under p. 6.7 when the application is restarted after installation.

Not Responsible For Any Bans
Don't Ask For More Features


- Download the APK and install
- Open the game and load game data
- Play