Sunday, June 7, 2020

Deep Town: Mining Factory - VER. 4.4.8 Unlimited (Coin - Gems - Resources) MOD APK

Deep Town: Mining Factory - VER. 4.4.8 Unlimited (Coin - Gems - Resources) MOD APK

Deep Town: Mining Factory Unlimited (Coin - Gems - Resources) MOD APK

Deep Town: Mining Factory - VER. 4.4.8


Deep Town Mining Factory is one of the popular games on the Android platform, produced by Rockbite Games Studios, where I need to add the current version for my idol and business-type games. Excavating robots that you control with your aim is to dig in the mine you are in, to remove valuable mines and try to make money. Due to the financial difficulties and general difficulties in the Deep Town Mining Factory, we offer MOD APK as unlimited money fraud, unlimited diamond fraud, you can develop these equipments as you like, you can explore different areas. Depths waiting to be discovered, advanced diggers, enemies and more are waiting for you. Deep Town Mining Factory version added asteroids and new levels. The graphics are 2D and the sound quality is good. Controls can be provided with a double finger. Deep Town: The Mining Factory has been downloaded more than 240,000 in the Play Store.

1. on his own added, we make any product cost for it goes to plus 9999999, now the lack of resources disappears
2. chemical recovery 9999999
Loading Splash art is changed to THIS
Bot Building uprade is changed to 400 copper instead of crystals
Every item is made in 10 seconds, gives 100 Million pieces (Gifts of wintertale is unchanegd)
Building multiplier is set to 4
1 second build and upgrade time for most buildings/upgrades
Every skills available lvl1, costs 1 point and has High Dmg (Except mining bots)
1 Second finish and 1 Gold Cost expeditions
Making Hydrogen gives you 100 Million of Every Ore type in the game (+100Mill Hydrogen and Oxygen as well ^^)
Uranium Rod req chanegd to 1 sodium and 1 uranium ore
Solar panel and wind turbine gives 10x more energy
Rare & Free chest now gives 100x more rare items
Bot actions last for 270 hours
Player LvL upgrades costs 3 copper bar on all levels (u still need coin for middle upgrades)
Some quest later on gives 1.000.000 crystals


- Coming from Legit APK:

- Save your progress by Titanium backup​
- Uninstall the game​
- Install the mod​
- Load only data by titanium backup​
- Get the stuff u want​
- Save data​
- Uninstall mod​
- Install basic game from playstore/here​
- Load only data​
- Done​

- Coming from the modded apk:

- Get the stuff you want​
- Save​
- Uninstall mod, instal- basic​
- Load data​
- Done​


1. install the original version of the Play Store
2. play until you finish the tutorial
3. download my mod and install as an update
4. Open and play !!!